Barbie Becomes a Real Girl

Artist Nickolay Lamm is crowd-funding in order to make his version of Barbie a reality. Lammily, a Brunette doll with real-life proportions has articulated joints and wears plain clothing. Click through to see what she looks like.

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Lammily is a brunette doll with the proportions of an average 19-year-old American woman. Nickolay Lamm announced on a crowdfunding campaign on Wednesday to bring Lammily to the market. Click through to see more photos of the doll.
The Lammily line of dolls "promotes realistic beauty standards," according to creator Nikolay Lamm. Lamm's original project showed how distorted fashion dolls are in relation to typical human body proportions. He created Lammily to be a representation of standard female body measurements, using the CDC website for data on the measurements of a typical 19-year-old American woman.
The doll comes with articulated joints so that kids can put her in more realistic poses. "Lammily promotes a healthy lifestyle. She is fit and strong," said Lamm.
The tag line for the project is "Average is Beautiful." Backers of the project can receive a first-edition of the doll wearing a blouse, denim shorts and white sneakers.
EMPTY_CAPTION"Rather than waiting for change to happen, let's be the change," Lamm said.
Lamm first made a 3D printed model of Lammily using realistic images and then painting over the figure. After images of the doll went viral, Lamm worked on making Lammily a reality for kids everywhere.
Lamm has consulted with former vice president of manufacturing at Mattel to select a "highly qualified manufacturer."
As of Thursday afternoon, the project received nearly $133,000 in contributions. The doll is expected to ship in November.
EMPTY_CAPTION"[Lammily] has style, and wears minimal makeup," said creator Nikolay Lamm.
Lamm called on supporters to raise money for the project so that "our girls can grow up to become happy, stronger women, truly confident and proud in their own bodies."
Kids play with the first edition of Lammily.
Keep an eye out for updates on the Lammily line's path to production.
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