Bank Clerk Accused of Stealing $71K for Plastic Surgery

Authorities said funds also went to teeth whitening and make-up

A Barclays clerk in Britain pleaded guilty to stealing over £46k ($71,957) from the bank to get the body she desired.

Rachel Martin, 24, admitted to the theft in a U.K. court, The Sun reported. She was accused of transferring batches of funds into account that usually ranged between £1,000 ($1,564) and £2,000 ($3,128).

Authorities said Martin spent £4,000 ($6,257) on breast surgery and £1,700 ($2,659) on teeth whitening. Other money was reportedly spent on liposuction, hair extensions, make-up and nights out.

By the time she was caught she had spent all the money she was accused of stealing, according to The Sun.

Her sentencing is set for September. 

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