Avenatti's Law Firm Hit With $10 Million Judgment

A federal judge reportedly on Tuesday directed the firm associated with attorney Michael Avenatti, who represents porn actress Stormy Daniels, to pay a $10 million judgment to a former legal colleague who claimed he was owed millions, according to NBC News.

Avenatti was ordered to pay the sum by Judge Catherine Bauer, a federal bankruptcy judge in Santa Ana, California, after his firm Eagan Avenatti failed to pay $4.85 million to Jason Frank, who used to work for the firm, according to The Los Angeles Times.

The settlement was decided in January of this year and stated the firm would have to pay the amount in two installments, according to court records. However, Avenatti had failed to pay in the initial $2 million to Frank after promising to do so last week, according to the Times.

Under the settlement agreement, if a payment was missed, the firm would accept a court's judgment requiring it to pay Frank $10 million.

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