Audit Reveals Oakland Owes $2.3 Million in Refunds for Parking Tickets

When it comes to collecting parking tickets the city of Oakland doesn't mess around.

"They're on it," said Andre Smith, an Oakland resident. "The collection process is serious. You get paperwork in the mail telling you pay this in a certain amount of time or this could happen."

But now the boot is on the other foot thanks to a parking ticket audit. The city of Oakland has acknowledged it failed to refund people who overpaid for more than 3,000 tickets. The city said it owes folks $2.3 million in refunds.

City Auditor Courtney Ruby said she is stunned by the findings and that people have a right to get paid back.

"These are tough times and every dollar counts," she said.

The city blames the problem on an outdated system. A public notice will be sent out next month informing folks how to apply for refunds.

While the amount of money owed is staggering, driver Daryll Pierre said he's not surprised. He said the city has tried to double collect from him before.

"I think it's happened to me twice where I've paid and they said I owed," he said. "And I actually had receipts that showed I paid."

Drivers said they hope the city makes good on what's owed and are thankful the auditor's looking out for them.

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