As Puerto Rico's Power Crisis Worsens, Lawmakers Probing Outages Seek Answers

Officials say the crisis of "the worst performing electricity system in the United States" will be resolved soon, but members of Congress and people on the island remain skeptical

Puerto Rico power
Ricardo Arduengo/AFP via Getty Images

Hundreds of thousands of Puerto Rico residents have experienced widespread blackouts, longer service restoration times, poor customer service and voltage fluctuations that often damage appliances and other home electronics since Luma Energy partly took over the island's electric grid in the summer.

Lawmakers in Congress and in the U.S. territory are now seeking specific answers from Luma Energy, which has a contract to do transmission and distribution for the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority, that may point to why the power crisis is worsening amid electricity price hikes and unreliable service.

In an interview with NBC News, Luma Energy CEO Wayne Stensby said that "by almost any measure, Puerto Rico has the worst performing electricity system in the United States."

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