Anti-Obama Sticker Brings Secret Service, Cops Running

An Okla. man was pulled over and visited by the Secret Service for an anti-Obama decal on his vehicle

So much for free speech.

An Oklahoma City driver was pulled over by cops and visited by the Secret Service last week because of an anti-Obama sticker attached to the bumper of his vehicle, reported.

The Oklahoma City Police Department officer who pulled over driver Chip Harrison thought the "Abort Obama, Not the Unborn" sticker on his car could be interpreted as a threat to the newest commander-in-chief.

The officer confiscated the sign and told Harrison that "abort" meant "to kill" -- and slapped Harrison with a piece of paper saying he was part of an official investigation.

After the officer left, Secret Service agents called Harrison and said they were at his house. When Harrison returned home, two agents were waiting with his wife and 2-year-old daughter.

The Secret Service left when they discovered no proof of any attempt to harm the President.

"I pulled over, not knowing I'd done anything wrong," Harrison told

Harrison said the sign was simply his attempt to voice his disagreement with President Barack Obama's views on abortion.

"It's not a threat," Harrison said.

OCPD Captain Steve McCool said confiscating the sign was a mistake.

"That was [Harrison's] First Amendment right to voice his concern," McCool said.

Harrison is in contact with lawyers but is not sure if he will press charges, he said. The OCPD later returned the sign to Harrison.

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