Violence at Trump Rallies: What Supporters Think

As Donald Trump's supporters begin to mobilize for Tuesday's voting, some are worried about the mounting confrontations between supporters and protestors at rallies while others say the candidate is "saying what all of us want to say."

"I am worried about it," Jordan Vashey, 25, who served two tours in Afghanistan with the Marines, said before heading into Trump's rally in Florida. "Something always seems to make the paper the next day and sometimes it's violence."

But Bill Scott, 45, who registered Republican to vote for Trump this week, said supporters "have had enough" of protesters from the Black Lives Matter movement and other left-wing causes. "We're going to react how we react regardless of what Trump says," he said. 

In the meantime, Trump is alternating between passing condemnations of violence paired with blatant celebrations of it. On Sunday, he said on NBC's "Meet The Press" that he was considering paying legal bills for the 78-year old supporter who was arrested for sucker-punching a black protester on camera.

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