After 10 Months, Final Clinton Emails to Be Released

The State Department will release later today the final batch of emails from Hillary Clinton's private server, NBC News reported.

This will complete the roughly 55,000 pages of documents ordered by a federal judge to be released to the public. Despite the controversy surrounding their release, the information gleaned from these documents has been underwhelming.

Clinton is locked in a tough fight against Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders for the Democratic presidential nomination and the release of the final batch of emails comes just before the critical Super Tuesday primaries.

However, over 1600 of these documents have been retroactively upgraded to varying levels of confidentiality, including 22 now labeled at the highest level, "Top Secret." The State Department is conducting a separate investigation into whether any of the emails, at any level of classification, included information that was classified at the time they were sent, even if they were not marked as such.

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