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Adobe Adding Generative AI Technology to Photoshop

Adobe introduced “Generative Fill,” an artificial intelligence image generator

Adobe is embracing AI.

The company said on Tuesday it has integrated generative artificial intelligence into Photoshop in an attempt to assist less experienced users.

“I think it is going to have a transformational impact in the number of people that create content and the number of people that can monetize the creation,” Adobe President of Digital Media David Wadhwani told NBC News.

In a demonstration, Adobe Vice President of Digital Imaging Maria Yap showcased Photoshop’s new abilities. She placed a dog’s portrait into an expanded background and added the prompt “spring trees with sunshine.” From there, Photoshop turned what used to be an hours-long process into minutes.

The feature is called “Generative Fill” and goes along with Adobe’s AI image generator, Firefly. The company is showcasing its AI tools on the Adobe Firefly (Beta) website and expects to add Generative Fill to the public Photoshop application later this year. Generative Fill is available on the Photoshop (Beta) application and is expected to reach the public Photoshop application “in the second half of 2023.”

Adobe is introducing safeguards to go along with the AI software amid growing concern that AI can change art, design and other industries. Its Content Credentials will give users a way to verify if an image has been altered by AI. The company also plans to compensate artists who contribute their work to train the AI.

Photoshop is not the first software to integrate AI. Midjourney and DALL-E are among the programs that are already capable of creating images based on text prompts.

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