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 The holidays are a time for spending time with family, reconnecting with friends and, let's be honest, disregarding all sense of proportion and good sense to eat as much food as often as humanly possible.

But not to worry: you can sneak in some good-for-you dishes into your meals using ActiFry, a healthy alternative to traditional deep fryers.

A versatile, low-fat multi-cooker, ActiFry helps you whip up tasty homemade meals using just a tablespoon of oil.

ActiFry also uses a pulse heat system, which of course heats the small amount of oil and spreads the oil throughout the chamber, helping to cook the food evenly.

To make the most of ActiFry, and to double-down on wellness, you should use healthy, high-flavor ingredients like citrus juice and zest, spices like cumin and cinnamon, or cracked pepper and chili peppers.

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