“A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas” Trailer Leaves Us Filled With Shame

Get ready, America, for the very first 3D stoner Christmas movie in history. The first trailer for "A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas" is here, and we're stunned by how much we enjoyed it. Take a look...

Santa gets shot in the face, NPH is back from the dead, Harold has an unfortunate run-in with a very cold flag pole, the guys get claymated... It's everything you'd hope for and more. The 3D is obviously pandering to a pot-fogged audience, and NPH is doing a lot of the heavy lifting, but it still delivers.

In 2004 "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle" opened with a title and premise to stupid to be believed--and yet, it was a triumph of stoner comedy, which, despite a few moments of rotting, low-hanging fruit, was surprisingly funny and smart. Who'd've guessed that seven years later we'd be looking forward to spending the Yuletide season with these morons.

"A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas" opens Nov. 4.

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