A Movie/TV Tribute to the Boston Bruins

Last night, the Boston Bruins ended a 39-year championship drought by blanking the Vancouver Canucks 4-0 in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals.

For a city that has been spoiled by success in other sports - the Patriots, Celtics, and Red Sox have all recently been crowned champs - the "B's" acted as the lone spoiler for a long time. But that hasn't stopped them from being both beloved and iconic.

So to honor their victory, here's a quick and not-at-all-serious tribute to the Bruins on film.

The Town

Ben Affleck's Beantown bank robber Doug MacRay was a promising hockey player before he turned to crime. And, naturally, he bleeds black and gold for the hometown Bruins, sporting their logo on shirts and jackets throughout the movie.

The Friends of Eddie Coyle

This underrated 1973 crime picture features not only a scene in the legendary Boston Garden, but it features none other than Robert Mitchum waxing poetic about one of the all-time Bruin (and NHL) greats, Bobby Orr.

Happy Gilmore

Who else would be aggro enough to throw down with Bob Barker? A Bruins fan, of course.


Although we never actually see him on the ice, Dan Hedaya famously played the washed-up former Boston Bruin goalie ex-husband of Rhea Perlman's Carla.

Dumb & Dumber

Notable Boston sports fans the Farrelly Brothers never miss a chance to namecheck their favorite teams - and sometimes, they even snag an athlete cameo or seven. Ex-Bruin Lyndon Byers popped up in "Stuck on You," but nothing tops this classic appearance by Bruin legend Cam Neely. He's still called "Seabass" by fans to this day.

We're just happy the Bruins beat the Canucks, or else we'd be stuck with nothing by "How I Met Your Mother" stills.

If we forgot any, please notify someone. Not us. But someone.

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