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White House Warns of 'Actions' in Syria if Russia Won't Negotiate

Hope for a diplomatic resolution has fizzled after the cease-fire agreement with Russia failed



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    A hospital that was bombed in Aleppo is shown in this file photo. According to the White House, the U.S. may take "actions" if Russia doesn't start to negotiate a resolution to the conflict in Syria.

    White House officials told NBC News they are considering escalating United States involvement in Syria's civil war as thousands of women and children die in Aleppo. 

    These considerations include unspecified "actions…that would further underscore the consequences of [Russia] not coming back to the negotiating table," the officials said.

    The hope for a diplomatic solution to the yearslong conflict went out the window after Secretary of State John Kerry's cease-fire agreement with Russia never worked out. The U.S. suspended talks with Russia on Monday.

    And as fear for the city of Aleppo looms, audio recording released over the weekend showed Kerry saying that he's argued unsuccessfully for military action over the conflict.