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WATCH: Cops Curse on Bus Full of Children, Get Suspended

Georgia police curse on school bus full of children, suspended



    Potty Mouth Police Officers Suspended

    Two Georgia police officers were suspended for two days without pay after cursing on a bus full of middle school kids. (Published Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2013)

    Two Georgia police officers have been suspended for their expletive-laden tirade on a school bus full of children.

    The incident occurred Nov. 11 when dozens of rowdy middle school students frustrated the bus driver, NBC affiliate WRCB reported. The driver pulled over and warned students she would call the police if they did not quiet down.

    The students continued to be unruly and the driver requested the bus dispatcher call police.

    Two officers arrived on the scene and that's where their actions rubbed parents the wrong way.

    Department of Natural Park, Wildlife, and Plant Conservation via AP

    Two Dalton police officers were captured on video cursing at a bus full of children. The bus driver requested police after saying the students' behavior was making her unable to drive safely.

    In the video, the bus driver is heard reprimanding the students multiple times before pulling over, and requesting police response.

    "You want to act like a bunch of hellions and she can't f****** focus on what she's doing," Officer John Gurrieri said to the students in a video obtained by WCRB.

    The two officers, John Gurrieri and Steven Collins, are seen on video cursing at the students.

    Officer Collins talks to one student outside of the bus, using a swear word. Officer Gurrieri talks to the rest of the kids, cursing multiple times.

    "You want to act like crazy a**holes, do it at home," Gurrieri says.

    Both officers were suspended without pay for two days and received written reprimands, WCRB reported.

    Dalton Schools outsources contracts for transportation and told WCRB the driver is no longer employed there.