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Times Square Elmo Cuffed After Asking for Bigger Tip: NYPD



    Times Square Elmo Cuffed After Asking for Bigger Tip: NYPD
    NYPD / AP File Photo

    Police say they cuffed a woman dressed as Elmo in Times Square for allegedly demanding a bigger tip from a tourist after posing for a picture Tuesday afternoon.

    The 36-year-old woman was charged with aggressive solicitation after the exchange near the New York Marriott Marquis on Broadway, according to the NYPD.

    Police say that officers patrolling the area saw the tourist pose for a photo with the woman in the fuzzy red suit.

    The tourist tipped the costumed character, but Elmo stepped in front of the person as they tried to leave and allegedly demanded more money. That's when Elmo was arrested.

    The NYPD's Midtown South precinct tweeted a photo of the costumed woman in handcuffs after the arrest.

    “Just another day in Midtown South,” the precinct said in the tweet. “Elmo arrested in Times Square.”

    It's the latest in a string of arrests for costumed characters in Times Square.

    On Saturday, men dressed as Batman and Spider-Man were arrested after allegedly fighting with men who were heckling them. Earlier this month, Woody, Minnie Mouse and the Statue of Liberty were all arrested after police said they allegedly asked tourists to pay for pictures.

    The arrests come amid calls to regulate the costumed characters in Times Square. One city lawmaker recently proposed licenses for the characters, and police have begun handing out fliers and posting signs in five languages telling visitors that tips are optional.

    Last month, many of the buskers who don the costumes held a news conference where they argued they deserved the right to earn a living.