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Airline Loses Family's Emotional Support Dog in Bizarre Twist of Events



    Airline Offers Mystifying Explanation for Losing Dog

    A family is devastated after an airline lost their pet -- and their explanation is hard to believe. Erica Byfield reports.

    (Published Friday, Aug. 31, 2018)

    A family is devastated after an airline lost their most precious cargo: their beloved dog.

    Jonathan Rolon says his parents flew from John F. Kennedy International Airport to Paraguay on Aug. 27 after visiting him in Connecticut. Their emotional support dog, Logan, was supposed to take that flight, too.

    But when Rolon’s parents landed in the South American country, they were told Logan ended up not making the LATAM Airlines flight due to a ramp issue.

    Rolon says he went to the airport and asked to see Logan, but the story took an odd twist when he was informed by an airlines employee that he couldn’t see the dog because another worker took the pooch home.

    Though he wasn’t told why the employee took the dog home he was given the name of the worker — and an intersection to search, since, apparently, the dog went missing from that employee’s residence.

    In a statement from LATAM, the airline says it is actively searching for Logan since his disappearance.

    According to the airline, it has posted about 600 search posters around neighborhoods close to JFK Airport — including Brooklyn, Queens and Nassau County. The search flyers cover a 30-mile radius and offer a reward for information on Logan.

    Additionally, a team of over 50 LATAM representatives has been involved in the search, while local police were also contacted regarding the disappearance.

    On Aug. 29, according to LATAM, the Animal Care Center of New York (NYC ACC), which is responsible for animal welfare, relocation as well as searching for lost animals, became involved in the search for Logan, as well.

    The airlines says it has also been in contact with the Rolon family and has offered to transport them to New York when they wish.

    “LATAM deeply regrets the situation and will continue to provide all the recourses at its disposal in the effort to reunite Logan with his family,” the airlines says.

    Logan’s disappearance has taken a toll on the family, with Rolon saying his absence is a blow to his mother who has become extremely depressed due to the missing pooch.