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Coulter Under Fire for Tweet Calling NYPD 'Little Girls'

She was responding to an attack on a Paris officer near the Notre Dame Cathedral earlier Tuesday



    Ann Coulter Under Fire for Tweet Calling NYPD 'Little Girls'

    Ann Coulter is under fire for calling the NYPD "little girls" in a tweet praising Paris police for taking down the Notre Dame attacker with two shots. (Photo credits: Martin Bureau/AFP/Getty Images/AP Photo/Francois Mori, File) (Published Tuesday, June 6, 2017)

    Conservative firebrand Ann Coulter, no stranger to public outrage, is under fire for a tweet calling the NYPD "little girls" as she praised Paris police for their response to a hammer-wielding attacker near Notre Dame Cathedral Tuesday.

    Coulter's comments came after a man armed with a hammer attacked a French police officer, shouting "it's for Syria." A second officer shot the attacker, wounding him. The other officer was hurt, but he's expected to be OK.

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    "Paris police very macho, unlike the little girls on NYPD: Only 2 shots fired, one hit the Muslim in the thorax," Coulter tweeted. (Police believe the hammer-wielding man was Algerian, based on his ID, but his religious affiliation was not clear.)

    "We're hectored to be like the French on adultery & global warming. Why can't we be like the French on hiring large, strong men as cops?" she asked in a second tweet. 

    A message seeking comment was left with the NYPD. 

    The public, meanwhile, came to the department's defense. A flurry of Twitter users blasted Coulter's attack, with at least one writing, "What's wrong with you?" and others calling her ignorant.

    Several Coulter critics, including @p_jeanne97, cited the NYPD's response on 9/11. 

    "Like the little NYPD girls who died on 9-11? The ones who've stopped god knows how many attacks? What on earth happened to make u like this?" @p_jeanne97 tweeted.

    Coulter did not reply to the critical comments in the Twitter thread. 

    Coulter was most recently in the news in April when officials cancelled a planned speaking engagement at the University of California, Berkeley, leading to a lawsuit by the College Republicans and protests over free-speech rights. 

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