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Anthony Weiner: I'm "100 Percent Not" Sexting Right Now, Deleted Everything from Past Affairs

"I don't have any of the records," Weiner said in an interview with NBC 4 New York Friday



    Weiner: "I Deleted Everything" from Sexting Affairs

    For a man who just wants the press to move forward from the revelations of his controversial sexual trysts online, Anthony Weiner continues to put himself in the stoplight. On Friday, he went on the offensive in a sit-down interview with Andrew Siff. (Published Friday, Aug. 2, 2013)

    Anthony Weiner tells NBC 4 New York he is "100 percent not" having any type of online relationships with anyone now, and says for the first time he has not kept any records of his past lewd affairs.

    "I don't have any of the records," Weiner said in an interview Friday. "I deleted everything."

    A woman came forward last month with explicit photos of Weiner and messages from him, revealing that the married mayoral candidate's affairs had continued long after he resigned from Congress in 2011. Since then, the embattled Democrat has sought to turn the conversation back to the day-to-day issues of campaigning.

    He has been trailed at every appearance by reporters and photographers, and gave a series of interviews Friday in what appeared to be an attempt to close the door on the conversation. 

    During his 15 minutes with NBC 4 New York, he grew weary of the topic, insisting at one point that the details of his illicit affairs, which he says ended about a year ago, didn't matter.

    "The behavior that people know about, I did, over an extended period of time, with more than one person," Weiner said. "I just think at a certain point, OK, I think people know these embarrassing things about me. I think at a certain point now we have to have a conversation that goes to, alright, what else should people know?"

    Timeline of Weiner's scandal

    Weiner also dismissed the idea that Hillary Rodham Clinton, his wife's longtime boss, might be displeased with him.

    He said he had not spoken with either of the Clintons recently.

    "I have no reason to believe she's annoyed," he said.

    Flashback 2013: Weiner Can't Recall How Many Women He Sexted

    [NY] Anthony Weiner Has Trouble Saying How Many Women He Sexted

    In 2013, Anthony Weiner stammered as he tried to answer reporters' questions, and admitted he had online affairs with as many as three women after resigning. "All I can say is, it's not dozens and dozens," he said.

    (Published Sunday, Sept. 24, 2017)

    As he has before, Weiner acknowledged that not all the details about his past affairs are known. When asked whether more women will come forward between now and the Sept. 10 primary, he said:

    "I don't know, I hope not. I certainly don't like talking about this stuff," he said.

    He went on to say he did not even like engaging in the relationships when he was in the midst of it.

    "I didn't like when I was doing it, it was wrong to do, it was wrong to my wife, wrong period," he said.