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Abandoned Pug Found With Legs Severed Maintains High Spirits

Mila the pug has found a way to get around despite severe injuries to her hind legs



    18-Month-Old Pug Found in a Cardboard Box with Legs Severed

    Animal control is investigating a "sick" example of animal cruelty. An 18-month-old pug was found inside a cardboard box with her hind legs severed. Hetty Chang reports for NBC4 News at 11 p.m. on Sept. 21, 2018. (Published Saturday, Sept. 22, 2018)

    Animal control officers are investigating what may be a terrible case of animal cruelty. Inside an abandoned cardboard box in Fullerton, they discover an 18-month-old pug. Her hind legs appeared to have been deliberately severed.

    The pug, named Mila, is on the mend. She has even figured out how to walk without her hind legs.  Mila has a long road to recovery and investigators have a challenging task in finding out who did this to her.

    After Mila was found, veterinarians rushed her into the first of many difficult surgeries. Her back legs are heavily bandaged as doctors determine the next steps in her treatment. If Mila is in any pain, she doesn't show it.

    "I think it's really rallied all of us to see how resilient she is - and that's why we really want to provide her with the best life that we can," said Mike Kaviani the director of OC Animal Care. "To have experienced what she experienced and still not be holding it against humans - right?  She still loves every human she's ever met - and that's a miracle."

    So far it does not appear there is any surveillance video that may have captured who dropped her off or did this to her.

    Mila won't be up for adoption anytime soon, but if you'd like to help her recovery you can donate to OC Animal Care by visiting this link