9/11 Bill to Compensate Victims Clears House Hurdle

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer urged GOP leadership to pass the measure after comedian Jon Stewart criticized Congress for

A bill that would prevent a fund to compensate victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks from running out of money passed a key hurdle in the House on Wednesday, NBC News reported. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer urged his chamber's GOP leadership to take up the measure as soon as possible.

"We will reach the point soon, most likely this year, where more will have died from 9/11 related illnesses than from 9/11 itself," Schumer said. "Let's take care of them. Now."

Schumer's comments follow just a day after comedian Jon Stewart lambasted Congress for failing to show up to a hearing to review the bill.

Schumer spoke minutes after the House Judiciary Committee advanced the bill, which would provide funding for 70 years, in a unanimous vote. He predicted the full House will pass the measure "soon."

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