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911 Dispatcher Laughs After Man Reports His Girlfriend Is on Fire



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    A 911 dispatcher can be heard chuckling during a call with a man who reported his girlfriend on fire.

    A 911 dispatcher made headlines after she laughed during an interaction with an Arizona man who called for help because his girlfriend was on fire.

    Lolo Delgado called 911 after his Jeep and his girlfriend caught fire. Instead of finding a helping hand on the other end of the phone, he heard a chuckle from the dispatcher and a burst of laughter from the other workers in the room.

    In the 911 recording, Delgado can be heard sparring with the dispatcher about her behavior.

    "It's hilarious huh?" he said. "I just heard you smirk."

    The dispatcher denied that she was laughing at him. "Okay sir, it wasn't regarding that, okay?" she said on the phone.

    Delgado filed a complaint and went on air to talk about the incident.

    "Her initial reaction was laughter and not just on her behalf but the people in the background." Delgado told NBC News affiliate KVOA. "As soon as I told them what was going on it was just clearly that, they just burst out in to laughter."

    The Pima County Sheriff conducted an investigation and reportedly agreed that the dispatcher's reaction was inappropriate.

    Delgado said it took four hours to get his girlfriend to the hospital because they were in a remote location. The woman who was burned in the fire suffered second and third degree burns over 40 percent of her body, according to KVOA.

    Listen to the 911 call below: