8-Year-Old With Brain Tumor Granted Police Officer Wish

An 8-year-old diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor didn't think he could fulfill a lifelong dream of being a police officer.

That changed Tuesday when Joey Fabus was "sworn in" as an honorary Bethel Park officer and became the youngest cop in Pennsylvania. 

"He wanted to be a policeman when he grew up and he gets to do that today," Fabus' mom, Cindy Fabus, told NBC's WPXI.
Fabus was given a toy police car, badge, uniform and real handcuffs to perform his new officer duties.
The Bethal Park police also staged a traffic violation by having the 19-year-old daughter of an officer roll through a stop sign in front of a municipal building, Tribe Total Media reported. The 8-year-old wrote the woman a traffic ticket but later lobbied in court for it to be dropped — all with a smile on his face.
Doctors have given Fabus six months to a year to live, according to WPXI.
“It has been wonderful. We’ve had a huge outpour of love and support, and it means the world to us,” Cindy Fabus told the station.
A benefit concert will be held for Joey on July 19 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel at 7 p.m.
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