76ers Guarantee the “Answer”

Iverson can smile -- he is a Sixer for the rest of the season

Dennis Leupold

The second coming of Allen Iverson in Philly should continue through the end of the season.

The Sixers extended the star guard’s contract for the remainder of the 2009/10 season, the team announced Tuesday.

A.I. signed a non-guaranteed deal with his old team in December.

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The move was seen by some as an act of desperation for both parties. Iverson had already worn out welcomes in Denver, Detroit and Memphis and was hard-pressed to find a job while the Sixers were hard-pressed to get fans in the seats and excited about the Sixers again.

But, the extension of Iverson was explained as a basketball move.

"Since his arrival, Allen has done everything asked of him and has been an excellent teammate," said General Manager Ed Stefanski.

For his part A.I. has played well even if he hasn’t approached the numbers he once put up for the Sixers. In nine games he is averaging 15.7 points, 4.7 assists, 3.4 rebounds and one steal in 33.2 minutes per night.

The Answer is on pace to represent the East in the NBA All-Star next month.

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