Crews Rescue 7 from Denton School Bus Stuck in High Water

Six children and a driver were rescued after their school bus became stuck in high water Tuesday morning in North Texas, authorities say.[[371380921,C]]

The Denton Independent School District bus became stuck in three feet of water near the intersection of East Sherman Drive and Elm Bottom Circle at about 7 a.m., according to authorities.

Crews were able to carry the children to a nearby boat that was connected to a truck and move them to safety.

"I was like in tears. I'm not going to lie, I was a nervous wreck," said parent Cassandra Perez.

Perez's 8-year-old daughter Alyssia and 9-year-old son Jeremiah were among the first rescued.

"What do you know, there's my kids sitting in the boat. The first two in the boat," she said.
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Perez said the firefighters did a good job getting everyone out calmly.

"They thought it was some sort of an adventure. They made them seem like it wasn't a big deal, so they wouldn't be scared," she said. "I was very proud they listened and did so well."

Authorities said the children were then dropped off at Hodge Elementary School in Denton. No injuries were reported.

"All's well that ends well," said Perez.

A Denton ISD spokesperson said, per standard procedure, the bus will be out of service so that it can be checked and the bus driver will be placed on leave while they investigate the incident.

"I don't know what the bus driver was thinking," said Perez. "There's really no words to describe the feeling. Helpless, I guess."

Six children were on a school bus when it became stuck in high water Tuesday morning in Denton.

Perez found out there was trouble when a customer at the convenience store where she worked told her a bus was stranded in flood waters down the road.

"I knew their bus was in the area at that time," Perez said. "It's raining, so that ran through my mind, but I thought there's a one-in-a-million shot."

She went to the NBC 5 website and saw live Chopper 5 video of her two children sitting in a rescue boat.

"I was just so worried because there was so much water around them," Perez said nervously. "I was so worried and was so proud that they was sitting so still."

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The brother and sister told NBC 5 it was a little scary.

"Fun and scary," said a smiling Jeremiah. "They carried us to a police boat and they took us one by one."

All are hoping Wednesday's ride to school is a little less adventurous.

NBC 5's Brian Scott and Noelle Walker contributed to this report.

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