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7-Year-Old Files Traffic Complaint With Connecticut Town, Gets Results



    7-Year-Old Writes Letter to Waterford Police

    After noticing many cars speeding by him as he would wait at his bus stop, 7-year-old Isaiah McLoughlin wrote a letter to Waterford Police requesting they take action. (Published Thursday, March 27, 2014)

    When 7-year-old Isaiah McLoughlin wanted cars and trucks on his Waterford street to stop speeding, he decided to take action.

    Isaiah grabbed a pen, wrote a letter to his local police department and he is getting results.

    “When I went for my bus cars and trucks are speeding. It makes feel unsafe,” Isaiah wrote.

    Then he asked police to call his grandmother to discuss the situation.

    So police did. They arranged a meeting around the busy 7-year-old’s schedule, took the complaint and arranged for speed patrols, starting today. 

    Here is what Waterford Police posted on their Facebook page:

    ”Traffic complaint from a 7 year old!

    “Waterford Police got a letter from 7 year old Isaiah McLoughlin, saying that people were speeding in his road while he waited for the bus. He said he was available after 4 PM (busy social calendar!)

    “Officer VanOverloop, working on patrol yesterday evening, went to the house, took Isaiah's complaint, and arranged for officers to conduct speed patrols on his road starting today.

    “We thought it was pretty great that this young kid would write his local police, and wanted to share it with you.”

    The letter is generating positive response for police and Isaiah.