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Women Played Major Role in Osama Bin Laden Hunt



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    Seal in lobby at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, USA

    Women played a major role in the manhunt for Osama bin Laden. Although male Navy SEALs killed the terrorist, women made up a majority of the analysts – at one point all of the analysts – in "Alec Station," the unit charged with finding bin Laden, NBC News reported. They also managed the ramp up of the CIA's Counter Terrorism Center, and took part in interrogating and waterboarding al-Qaida suspects. The women were also pivotal in helping capture several major al-Qaida targets. Former CIA Director Michael Hayden said an "incredible band of sisters" led the search for Osama bin Laden in a speech in early January. And Michael Scheuer, who ran "Alec Station," told Newsweek last year "if I could have put out a sign on the door that said 'No men need apply,' I would have done it."

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