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High Court Imposes Stricter Affirmative Action Test



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    FILE - In this June 27, 2012 file photo, an American flag flies in front of the Supreme Court in Washington. DNA may be the building blocks of life, but can something taken from it be the building blocks of a multimillion-dollar medical monopoly? The Supreme Court will grapple with that question Monday, April 15, 2013, as it delves into an issue that could reshape medical research in the United States, in the fight against diseases like breast and ovarian cancer, and the billion-dollar medical and biotechnology business: Can human genes be patented? The court's decision could have a wide-ranging effect. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File)

    The Supreme Court imposed a stricter test for affirmative action in college admissions on Monday, ruling that schools must prove "no workable race-neutral alternatives would produce the educational benefits of diversity." The 7-1 decision (Justice Elena Kagan recused herself) was not a sweeping one on the future of affirmative action, but it did amount to a warning to colleges that courts are raising the bar for race-conscious admissions policies, NBC News reported. With the ruling, the court sent the case before it — which Abigail Fisher, a white woman denied admission to the University of Texas, had filed over the school's admissions policy — back to a federal appeals court for review, giving the high court's equivalent of a grade of "Incomplete." The school considers race as one of many factors in the admission of one-quarter of its students.

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