1st Look Loves: Perla

Post-summer city life torques up the dining scene to exciting levels again, and the place we are loving now is Gabe Stulman’s Perla. Unsurprisingly as befits a restaurant group that includes Joseph Leonard, Fedora and Jeffrey’s Grocery, Perla is wonderful in its warm atmosphere, gracious, uncloying service and exceptional food and drink.  

Open since spring, Perla has been packing them in, and has become a go-to for all sorts of city denizens from media types and actors, to art world characters and fashion folk. Italian food has been done to death in New York and in L.A. (12 great Italian places in Brentwood alone), but everything at Perla pleases and and makes one want to return, and soon.

Stulman’s places are truly congenial, with great cocktails, mouth-watering appetizers, primi and secondi (house-made potato chips, gnocchi, steak… all of it yummy), flattering lighting, and a great crowd.  

Perla is nestled on Minetta Lane, and is perfect as a regular neighborhood joint and as a destination dining locale.  

24 Minetta Lane
New York, NY
(212) 933-1824

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