118 Mystery Goats Run Loose Eating Everything in Sight in Boise, Idaho

5 photos
Reporter Joe Parris tweeted these photos Friday morning of what he said was about 100 goats running rampant in Boise, Idaho. Parris said the goats were " going house to house eating everything in sight."
Goats of all shapes, sizes and colors were seen on the tour of the neighborhood. In some photos, residents were seen looking confused as the goats mobbed their front yards. Neighbors reported hearing the herd making their way into the area on Summerwind Drive off of Five Mile Road at around 7 a.m. and commenced their unstoppable eating of lawns, leaves, and shrubs.
At about 8:30 a.m., a large truck from the company We Rent Goats arrived and rounded up the goats. KTVB reported that the goats had been grazing nearby when they somehow escaped and set off on a snacking tour of the neighborhood.
Joe Parris
Posted on Twitter with the #breaking, Parris added that nobody had a clue where the goats came from. The goats managed to be collected into the truck and taken away, thus concluding an exciting Friday morning.
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