Maryland Ride-hailing Service Customer Reports Kidnapping Attempt

Rafael Henrique/SOP Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

A woman told police in Maryland she may have escaped an attempted kidnapping by someone she thought was a driver for a ride-hailing service.

The Capital Gazette reports that Annapolis police are investigating what they called “suspicious ride-share activity” based on the woman’s report early Saturday.

The woman told police that she called for an Uber ride and got into the front passenger seat of a car driven by man whom she thought was working for the ride-hailing service.

The woman said she asked the driver to stop after he missed her exit to her destination in Annapolis. She said the driver eventually stopped and then grabbed her arm after they both exited the vehicle, but then let go and drove off without her after something startled him.

Police didn't know if the driver was impersonating an Uber driver or if he mistakenly picked up the woman instead of another customer.

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