Zebras Roam Leesburg Neighborhood

Escaped from nearby petting zoo

It's one thing to see dogs, cats and squirrels around neighborhoods.

But imagine the surprise when Loudoun County homeowners spotted zebras roaming their streets.

That's exactly what happened Monday in Leesburg near Route 15.

One woman snapped pictures of the exotic animals in front of her yard.  Investigators say the animals escaped from the Leesburg Animal Park Petting Zoo nearby.

Leesburg Animal Park Owner Shirley Johnson returned News4 reporter Shomari Stone's phone calls Tuesday morning. She said the two zebras are fine and back inside the park. She said workers, not affiliated with the park, accidentally left a gate open Monday afternoon, allowing the zebras to escape.

Sheriff deputies drove through the neighborhood to try to protect the zebras from cars.

Animal Control eventually used a tranquilizer to safely capture them.

Diane Murphy says the sighting makes up for a safari trip she had to cancel.

This is the second time animals escaped from the petting zoo. Last April, an African cat got out and got hit by a car.

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