Mother's Day

Youth Hockey Player Scores Championship-Winning Goal 1 Year After Mother's Death

During the championship game, Kyle Tinschert said he knew his mother's presence was with him

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The Ashburn Xtreme Hockey Club won a national championship this week with a game-winning goal in overtime by Kyle Tinschert, who honored his late mother at the game.

Kyle’s mother and biggest fan, Jamie, who was also an Ashburn Xtreme team manager, lost her 8-year battle with multiple myeloma last year.

“She’s always felt sick, but she never showed it. She just always kept it hidden and made sure we were OK,” Kyle said.

His father, Ron Tinschert, said Jamie was a “fighter.”

“The cancer itself bodes itself to allowing someone to fight on. And if there was anyone to fight on, it would’ve been Jamie,” Ron Tinschert said.

For years, Kyle could hear his mother’s cheers echo throughout the rink.

“Her voice was pretty loud. Her screams, you could hear it from the ice. She was always yelling and being supportive,” Kyle said.

One year after the family’s biggest loss, an unforgettable win: Kyle made the winning goal, giving his team the national championship.

“I kind of throw my stick and gloves in the air. I rip my helmet off … I see my whole team coming at me, and they just jump on me,” Kyle said, who dedicated the game to his mom.

Both Kyle and Ron Tinschert said they knew Jamie’s presence was there at the rink with them.

“The second he scored, tears were pouring down my face,” Ron Tinschert said. “Everyone was coming up to me and saying, ‘That was for Jamie. Jamie was there.'”

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