Young Girl With Cancer Living Out Her Dreams

A 10-year-old girl diagnosed with brain cancer has been living out all of her dreams in the past few months -- including graduating college.

Gabriella Miller calls herself a warrior, and made a checklist of dreams she wanted to accomplish this year.

They include visiting Paris, publishing her own book to spread awareness about childhood cancer and seeing one of her favorite singers, Selena Gomez in concert. Friday, she'll be checking off another dream from her list -- graduating college. 

"The president of Shenandoah University saw my writing in my book I just published, she saw that I was only 10, she read some of my poetry and saw me speak and she decided to give me a degree," Gabriella said.

Earlier this year, Gabriella co-authored "Beamer Learns About Cancer."

"I think it's very informative," Gabriella said. "It helped me understand what I have and how I got it. It was a dream come true to become an author."

Gabriella doesn't shy away from her "warrior" nickname. In an interview with News4's Shomari Stone, she used a frying pan to squash a walnut -- a representation of her brain cancer.

"I want to smash that walnut. That's the point of my foundation. Smashing out childhood brain cancer," Gabriella said. "I'm gonna keep fighting, I'm gonna keep smashing these walnuts 'til they're gone."

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