Young Artist With Autism Inspires Community

Amari Taylor and his mom have a message for Autism Awareness Day

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Artist Amari Taylor from Takoma Park is on a mission to brighten up someone’s day.

When Amari was young, he was diagnosed with autism. Now, the middle school student is already a professional artist, selling his work on Instagram.

“I want to see people happy and smile on their hearts,” Amari said.

Each painting serves as proof of all that is possible.

“It’s been a long road, but he has come such a far way,” said Anya Remy, Amari’s mom.

She said when Amari was little, they didn’t know if he would ever speak. Amari was behind his peers in hitting major milestones.

But after years in therapy and hard work, Amari now loves to talk — and also take on a good challenge.

“I just want to see how brave I am, to make sure I’m not being scared,” Amari said.

Remy is overjoyed to see how far her son has come.

“Oh, I am so proud of Amari,” Remy said. “Daily he continues to just wow me. I just cannot be any more proud of him.”

As Friday is Autism Awareness Day, Amari and his mom have a message about people with disabilities.

“They are humans; they are people,” Remy said. “They want to be treated just like everyone else.”

Amari wants to be either an artist or an actor when he grows up. But for now, he’s focused on growing his art business on Instagram and bringing joy to his community.

“It was so happy for me, people liked my painting,” Amari said. “I’m really so proud of myself and my family.”

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