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You Know Who You Are: Reagan Travelers Confess to Chronic Earliness or Lateness

Some people like to be late to the airport, and NBC4 Reporter Adam Tuss is one of them.

There are two types of airport travelers in this world: those who get to the airport early, and those who don’t.

District travelers are coming clean about who they really are: very early, or very late, thanks to an article last week in The Atlantic.

NBC4 decided to find out where Reagan National Airport-goers stand.

As it turns out, Reagan has its share of both prepared planners and last-minute sprinters. Traveler Sue Lippe said she falls into the latter category.

Once, while racing to a flight, Lippe said her cab driver lost the keys and locked her luggage in the trunk.

“A policeman tried to shoot it open,” Lippe said, laughing. Somehow, she made her flight, luggage and all.

Lippe’s friend, Donna Siemaszko, takes the opposite approach to flying—she prefers to arrive about an hour and a half early. Another traveler said he prefers to get there four hours before a flight.

Some Reagan families said they take separate cars to the airport and just avoid the drama altogether.

According to University of North Carolina psychiatrist Jonny Gerkin, these seemingly incompatible travel styles are actually alike, The Atlantic reported. People are all just coping with the anxiety of a stressful situation like flying, he said.

They’re just doing it differently.

Very differently.

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