You Can't Stop Gas Prices, You Can Only Hope to Contain Them

By the time you read this story, gas prices will have gone up again.

As if you need any more proof that gas prices are out of control, look no further than the April 23rd broadcasts of News 4.

During the 6 a.m. newscast, Kimberly and John told viewers about gas prices on the rise. 

By the time they came back on the air at 9 a.m., the prices had gone up.

The national average is $3.85, but DC is way higher than that at $4.07.  That's an increase of a penny since Friday.

Maryland went up two cents overnight and is now at $3.87.

In Virginia, drivers will now pay $3.78, a penny more than yesterday.

West Virginia drivers are paying a penny more as well.  Gas there is now at $3.91.

Some drivers have gotten in trouble trying to eke too many miles out of those costly gallons.  The AAA reported that in D.C., they've seen a 40 percent uptick over last year in emergency calls from drivers stranded with empty tanks.  Calls in Virginia and Maryland have also increased by double digits this year.

Looking for the cheapest price at the pump in your town?  Try AAA's Fuel Price Finder.

For a price comparison across the country, check out AAA's Fuel Gauge report.

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