Ten Talking Buses in Metro Fleet

Metro installs new safety devices

Getty Images

"Pedestrian, bus is turning." 

That warning you hear may not be coming from another person. It could be coming from a Metrobus.

The transit agency is installing new safety devices on buses, hoping to reduce pedestrian accidents. On the street,  people will hear a warning that the bus is turning. Inside the bus, the driver is warned to look for pedestrians.

The outside message automatically adjusts to be quieter at night and in neighborhoods. It can also be programmed in other languages and to make special announcements.

So far, the device is on 10 buses as part of a year-long pilot program to test its effectiveness.

Buses in Cleveland already use the warning system.

"It's been a great addition to the fleet," said Mary McCahon, of the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority. "We had two fatalities the year before it was installed, and none since. It's working and people are safe because of it."

Pilot programs are also under way in Richmond and a few other places.

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