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Woman ‘Well-Known' to Secret Service Arrested Again at White House: Court Documents

The US Secret Service arrested a woman Friday night for scaling and sitting on the White House fence. The woman has a history of at least five attempts to breach security at the White House and claimed to be doing so again Friday as a political protest, according to court filings.

Those court records said it wasn’t Secret Service officers, but civilians who witnessed the woman jump the fence. The records said those witnesses notified a Secret Service officer, who removed the woman.

The court filing said, "(The Secret Service officer) responded to the area and observed Washington-Bey sitting on the fence in a restricted area of the northeast courtyard."

Prosecutors filed a criminal complaint against Amina Washington-Bey late Monday in federal court in Washington, D.C. According to their court filings, Washington-Bey is well-known to the US Secret Service and has made "multiple prior attempts to unlawfully enter the White Hosue grounds." In their court filings, the Secret Service said Washington-Bey is serving a three year term of release for a prior conviction and has a history of failing to abide by stay-away orders from White House grounds.

No attorney is yet listed for Washington-Bey, nor do court records indicate if she’s entered a plea in the case. The security breach is the latest in a quick succession of White House security breach attempts. According to an I-Team investigation, approximately 30 attempts have been made since early 2014.

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