Woman Waits Months for Fence Damaged by Deliverymen to Be Fixed

A D.C. woman said she waited months for her fence to be fixed by the company that broke it.

In November, Brenda Elliot’s neighbor in Northwest had furniture delivered, and the driver accidentally plowed right into Elliot's fence.

She snapped picture after picture of the delivery guys trying to fix the fence.

“They're pulling it, yanking it,” Elliot said. “They were messing it up worse.”

Then they gave up.

“He said, ‘Don't call the authorities, I'm going to come back this weekend and fix it,’” Elliot said.

But he didn’t show up that weekend.

Elliot said after that she called for months and heard nothing but excuses and empty promises. She had just filled out forms for small claims court when she saw NBC4 Responds on TV.

NBC4 Responds contacted the company the driver worked for and got immediate results.

The company agreed to foot the bill for the repairs, which are scheduled for Friday morning, Elliot said. They felt so bad she waited so long they even sent her flowers.

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