Virginia Woman to Raise Giant Black Lives Matter Flag in Opposition of Confederate Flag Along I-95

A Stafford County, Virginia, woman says she plans to raise a giant Black Lives Matter flag in opposition of the Confederate flag that flies near Interstate 95.

For months, residents have protested the Confederate flag, which hangs in Falmouth, Virginia. But county officials have said they have no power to take it down because it is on private property.

"I think that after Charlottesville, we've seen that racism isn't just an abstract concept anymore. It really is something that's happening," said resident Susan Kosior.

County building officials have approved a permit for Kosior to put up an 80-foot flag pole in her back yard. She said she plans to hang a 50-foot-long flag that will read "Black Lives Matter."

Kosior is part of the group Virginians United for Peace and Equality, which unsuccessfully tried to get the county's board of supervisors to remove the Confederate flag.

She has an adopted African-American daughter and said the Confederate flag is a symbol of hate and racism.

"To me, she is my daughter, but when she steps out of that house, she's just another person and it's important she lives in a safe community," Kosior said.

The Black Lives Matter flag won't be visible from the interstate, but people will be able to see it from downtown Fredericksburg.

"It's a controversial flag in its own right and I know people have issues with it, but I think it's people who don't understand," Kosior said.

Kosior has six months to build the flag and said she needs $25,000 to pay for the pole, construction costs and security.

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