Woman Ticketed for Rental Car's Expired Inspection Sticker

A woman visiting the D.C. area was ticketed by police for something she had no control over: The car she rented had an expired inspection sticker.

When Terrie Mitchell of California was visiting her sister in Virginia, she rented a car from Hertz and didn’t notice the sticker had expired.

Police pulled her over and issued a $134 ticket.

When Mitchell returned the car, the local Hertz office told her it couldn’t do anything about the ticket and she’d have to deal with corporate.

Mitchell said she called and emailed but never got a response.

Living in California made it difficult to fight the ticket in court.

News4 contacted Hertz, and Mitchell immediately got a call from the company. She was refunded the full amount of the ticket and a $75 credit toward a future rental.

In a statement, Hertz said it reached out to Mitchell "to extend our apologies."

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