Woman Sexually Assaulted a Couple Blocks From Arlington Police Headquarters

Arlington County Police are searching for a man in connection to a sexual assault that occurred a couple of blocks from police headquarters Saturday.

The victim was walking home about 1:20 a.m. when she heard someone approaching from behind, police said. She was pushed into the bushes, where the man attempted to put his hand into her pants before she escaped.

“She was able to kick him in the groin, and that of course scared him away, put him in some pain, and she was then able to run from the scene,” said Lt. Kip Malcolm of Arlington County Police.

The victim first noticed the man at 15th Street and Courthouse Road near police headquarters -- a couple blocks before he attacked her. At first he didn't concern her because he appeared clean cut and boyish, police said. But when she heard the steps coming, she was alarmed.

Neighbors said they often think of the area as safe given its close proximity to police headquarters. But this incident has them rethinking their habits.

“You would think that living two-and-a-half blocks, or a block-and-a-half from the police station, it would kind of deter this kind of behavior," neighbor Ben Carroll said. "But for me to see that to happen so close to the police station, that just seems brazen.”

Police advise anyone in the area to download the police sketch of the suspect and alert them if they see the man.

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