Woman Now in Stable Condition After Dogs Attack Her in Prince George's

A woman remains in critical but stable condition after two dogs attacked her at a home in Fort Washington, Maryland, Wednesday night, police said.

The attack happened in the 11000 block of McKay Road, Prince George's County police said. A neighbor called 911, saying they heard a woman crying for help.

"We responded quickly," Prince George’s County Police Chief Hank Stawinski said. "We found this woman on the ground being attacked viciously by two very large dogs."

Officers found two large American pit bull terriers attacking the woman and shot and killed one of the dogs. An officer fired at the second dog, but it ran off.

“It was clear she was in real danger of dying if that attack wasn’t stopped," Stawinski said Thursday during a press conference. "Once they had shot the one dog and killed it and scared the other one away, they immediately applied tourniquets." 

Police used a helicopter in their search for the dog that ran away, which is now in animal control's custody. Another dog in the home — a puppy in a crate — also is in custody of animal control.

Stawinski thanked medical professionals for getting her from one local hospital to another after the attack.

It is unclear if the dogs belong to the victim.

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