Woman Says DC Doctor Rubbed Against Her During Exam

The doctor has been charged with second-degree assault

A doctor in D.C. has been charged with a misdemeanor and told not to practice medicine after a woman reported he rubbed his groin up against her knee during an exam at a Northwest clinic, police said.

According to court documents, the woman was inside a room at the Metropolitan Assessment and Renewal Centers clinic at 3120 Georgia Avenue NW to receive a physical.

She told police that Dr. Robert Yancey Jr., of Upper Marlboro, asked her "Do you have a man?" When she replied "No," Yancey said, "Well it must be a woman."

Her phone rang twice during the exam and Yancey made loud sexual noises while it rang, the documents said. Yancey allegedly asked "Who was that if it wasn't your man? It must have been the man or the woman."

Shortly after, he "placed his groin up against her left knee," the documents said.

The woman said she pushed Yancey away from her and asked "What are you doing?" Yancey reportedly did not reply and did not seem phased by what happened or her response.

Police said the woman was visibly upset and crying when she made the report.

Witnesses who work at the clinic "denied hearing any noises" from the room, police said.

Yancey was arrested and charged with second-degree assault. He was released on his own recongnizance and told not to practice medicine or have contact with the woman until his trial on April 20.

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