Woman Saves Pregnant Sister From Domestic Samurai Sword Attack

Rescuer almost lost three fingers

A samurai sword is not usually the weapon authorities encounter when they respond to a stabbing call, but it was allegedly the weapon of choice for an Ashburn, Va., man accused of attacking his pregnant fiancée and her older sister, who came to the rescue.

The older sister, who asked that her identity be protected, almost lost three fingers in the attack. She said she raced to her sister's apartment when she learned she was being beaten by her boyfriend. When the sisters tried to retrieve some keys from the apartment, Richard Muse reportedly struck -- swinging a six foot samurai sword at the women.

"I'm not really sure if he was aiming for me or her, but, you know, she's pregnant so I pushed her out of the way and I just saw something coming at me," the older sister said.

As the older sister pushed her pregnant sibling aside, the blade sliced her fingers, she said. The pregnant woman was pulled back into the apartment, and when the door opened again, the older sister was ready with a can of mace.

"I just started spraying everything … and then I got hit in the head and he was throwing stuff at me while I was on the ground," she said.

Loudoun County sheriff's deputies arrived soon after and arrested Muse, 27. He's jailed without bond facing charges of malicious wounding and domestic assault.

The older sister said doctors told her she'll need plastic surgery, but it appears her wounds will heal.

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