Woman Throws Cup of Urine on DC Bus Driver: Police

The driver told the woman to have a nice day, and the woman responded by throwing a cup of her own urine at the driver, police said

A D.C. bus driver told a woman to have a nice day, and the customer responded by throwing a cup of her own urine at the driver, officials say.

"To say bizarre is really an understatement. It's a vulgar assault," Metro Transit Police Chief Ron Pavlik said.

The woman was getting off the X2 bus at Benning Road and Minnesota Avenue about 6:15 p.m. Saturday when the driver told her to have a nice day, police said.

The woman asked the driver if she was talking to her. She said yes. Then, the woman took out a purple to-go cup and threw its contents onto her.

 It was urine, the driver soon realized.

Surveillance video shows the woman tossing the liquid at the driver and then running away.

Officers later discovered that the urine was fresh.

"Based on the video evidence we retrieved, the woman is seen at the rear of the bus relieving herself into a cup," Pavlik said.

"I can't think of anything the operator did to warrant the assault," the transit police chief added.

The driver was taken to a hospital and "decontaminated," police said. The bus was taken out of service for cleaning. 

One woman who rides the bus said she wasn't shocked by the attack.

"If it's the X2, it's a lot of crazy stuff on that bus. I've seen a man with a cup of spit on that bus before," she said. "He was sitting there spitting and spitting."

Metro Transit Police are working to identify the woman who assaulted the bus driver.

Police ask anyone with information that can help to call 301-955-5000.

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