Woman Says She Asked Man to Move on Escalator, He Punched Her

The victim said she asked the man to step aside and he attacked her

Termia Logan says she asked a man to step aside on an escalator in Union Station so she could pass and he punched her in the face. 

Logan told News4 she had just reached the top of an escalator in the station on Tuesday when a man turned around and punched her, leaving her bleeding and with a black eye. 

Then, she said Amtrak police did little to help.

"I've been treated like a bird that died outside that got stepped on," Logan told News4.

Logan told News4 she was walking up the escalator Tuesday afternoon when  she had to stop because a man was standing in front of her.

She said she asked him to let her by and was met with silence. So, she said she asked again. Again, the man didn't respond.

Eventually, he let her pass. But when she got to the top of the escalator, he turned around and punched her in the eye.

Logan stopped at the top of the escalator, near the H&M. She said no one offered meaningful help.

"From the time I was struck, I was left alone, by myself ... to bleed badly," she said.

She put her phone on speaker and called an ambulance as an Amtrak police officer stood nearby, Logan said.

"He didn't give me no type of assistance," Logan said.

Logan sat for an hour without any help, her attorney, Dawn Jackson, said.

"I think she was treated like she was less than human," Jackson said. "It's odd. It's scary, and it's very concerning."

Logan went to the hospital and snapped a picture of her swollen eye about 5 p.m. 

During an interview with News4 on Wednesday, Logan had an apparent bruise and swollen eye.

Amtrak said its investigators are working on the case, but are having trouble talking to the victim.

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