Woman Has Windshield Smashed by Stranger in Northwest DC

The woman said she was splintered by glass during the attack in the Tenleytown area

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A pedestrian randomly attacked a woman’s car as she sat at a red light in Northwest D.C. on Monday, she told News4.

Melanie Vella said she was stopped at a red light at Tenley Circle, in Tenleytown, on her way home from work when the incident occurred. While at the red light, a man crossing in front of her car dumped his water bottle on the car, got on the hood and kicked in the car’s windshield.

The man then got off the car and walked away. Vella suffered a few glass splinters.

“It is what it is, didn’t have to go to the hospital. I am safe, you know, that’s what is important,” Vella said.

D.C. police met with her after she pulled into a parking lot to report the attack. No arrests were immediately made.

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