Woman Flees Scene of Crash Near Rockville With Officer on Car Hood ‘Holding on for His Life’: Police

The suspect drove down Interstate 270 at 80 mph before the officer could safely roll off her car, charging documents say


Maryland State Police say a woman fleeing a crash tried to hit an off-duty police officer, who then clung onto the car while talking to authorities.

News4's media partner WTOP-FM reports 25-year-old Denai Holly, of Washington, D.C., hit several cars on Interstate 270 near Rockville Monday morning and attempted to flee. Police Sgt. DeVaughn Parker says off-duty Montgomery County Officer Christopher Jordan witnessed the wreck and told Holly he was an officer.

Parker says Holly accelerated toward the officer, who was on the phone with authorities when he landed on Holly's hood.

Charging documents say she drove about a mile at 80 mph down Interstate 270 before the officer could safely roll off her car.

"Everything was pretty live ... he has the phone in one hand and, the way they're traveling, the other holding on for his life," Parker told WTOP.

Holly was arrested on charges including attempted manslaughter minutes later using information he provided.

It's unclear if she has a lawyer.

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