Woman Cold Calls Officer for Sex, Gets Arrested: PD

Police say a Walkersville, Maryland, woman is facing a prostitution charge after she cold called a police officer and offered him sex for money.

Angela Marie Ayers, 44, allegedly called a member of the Frederick Police Department's Drug Enforcement Unit and offered him a sex act in exchange for money. Authorities say Ayers got the officer's phone number during the course of an earlier case.

When the officer asked her if she knew who he was, police say she told him that she did but called him the wrong name.

A price and meeting location was agreed upon, and Ayers was arrested when she arrived.

Police said a glass smoking device, known as a crack stem, was found on her when she was searched. They said it contained what was believed to be crack cocaine residue.

Ayers was charged with solicitation of prostitution, possession of paraphernalia and possession of crack cocaine.

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